THE recent custodial sentence given to John Price in relation to perceived damage to the river Lugg is nothing short of a disgrace.

The rivers and streams of Herefordshire were regularly dredged to a few years ago and we had far more diverse wildlife and better flood management that we have today.

It is ironic that thousands of tons of raw sewage is pumped into our rivers by big national companies who seem to be immune to the law.

On the same day that Mr Price was jailed for 12 months, Stephen Allen, aged 34 years, was jailed for manslaughter for the death of a kind gentleman after stealing his mobile phone. Mr Allen is likely to be released in under 12 months.


Is it any wonder that the British people, myself included, have no confidence in the justice system that we have today.

As to Mr Price, he has worked tirelessly with his staff for all of his life to produce food for this country.

I sincerely hope that the powers that be plus Judge Ian Strongman hang their heads in total shame.

What a very sad for our country and common sense in general.