THOSE who seek to defend Mr Price are perhaps, like Sir Bill Wiggin, inclined to the view that certain people are somehow above the law, and entitled to do as they please.

I understand that Mr Price was advised and then warned about his actions, but he chose to continue to do as he wanted.

It does not matter if he has mates who agree. I can assure you that the prisons are full of mates who agree that what one another did was not wrong – and that includes every sort of dreadful offence.


Let me also tell you that MPs sometimes plead the case of these men when they are released from prison subject to conditions that they don’t like, and want an easier time of it, with more freedom to get at more victims.

It is very hard to get yourself sent to prison, especially at the moment when the Government has told judges and magistrates not to send people down because the prisons are already full to bursting.

We can only conclude that, confronted by all the evidence, they thought Mr Price really did deserve to go to jail.



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