WE live in Wigmore and use the Wigmore-Leinthall Starkes-Ludlow road daily.

So far this year our family cars have suffered seven broken suspension springs: our daughter’s Mini two, my husband’s Renault one, our granddaughter’s Ford Fiesta one, and my VW Golf three.


Our car bills so far come to over £5,000 and my car is off the road again.

This same road is popular with cyclists and regularly included in Ludlow Castle cycling events, despite being a health and safety issue for cycling.

We are seriously thinking of moving to another county. We cannot afford more bills like these.

What are your thoughts?

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I have no idea when the road was last resurfaced but its patched repairs make it bumpier than ever.

Since the Government has already indicated that road repairs across the country are unachievable in the near future why don’t they at least provide parishes with cold-fill tarmac and give permission for residents to do temporary repairs. The rural roads are in the worst state and presumably lowest priority to councils.