I AM privileged to have spent the last 70 years of my life in Ledbury, commencing with my education at the revered Ledbury Grammar School.

It is no surprise that with the combination of inhabitants, geography, retail facilities and communications the town regularly appears in the lists of the best places in England to live.


However, I consider the unique character of Ledbury is under threat due to the incompetence and inefficiency of local government. Whatever their political alliances, the members, past and present, of Herefordshire Council should squirm with guilt.

I cite the faults in childcare, the bypass proposals, the lack of roads improvement, the inefficiency of the Balfour Beatty contract, unanswered communications, the lack of support for the town’s inhabitants for the rejection of planning permission for the viaduct, and the foolhardy purchase of the Maylord Orchards shopping area.

All these matters accumulate and the cost of these errors is paid for by the council tax payers. In my opinion the cause is the lack of business experience of the council members. In mitigation, I believe the time demands exclude business owners from participating.

Whilst I am critical of past performance, my main concern is the total lack of forethought and planning for the future.

What are your thoughts?

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In Ledbury we have seen a disproportionate increase in the population, with another 1,000 houses in the pipeline.

There are no proposals to provide increased medical or educational facilities. The car parking problem is acute and the change in the last 12 months or so is dramatic. Now every side street is clogged with parked vehicles. There is no provision for employment.

In five years’ time Ledbury is going to lose its unique character. What a loss.