I VERY much sympathise with Ronnie Wilkie and his pothole protest (Fix potholes... or I won’t pay my tax! April 11).

The C-road between Kinnersley and Almeley is easily the worst tarmac road surface I have ever seen in my life. Having said that, my 20-year-old Rover 75 was written off last month after hitting a pothole concealed by surface water on the lane between Letton and Kinnersley.


The ditches here are blocked and the road was covered in two places by water for most of the last three months.

In the same week that I lost my Rover, I was giving directions to somebody to find my house and thought I would try the “what3words” app. In an ironic twist, it identifies the exit from my driveway by the three words… “speeds.craters.teardrop”.