Believe it or not, the festive season is now approaching and one of my favourite things about it is the food and drink.

I’m sure I’m not alone when it comes to stocking up on seasonal treats, from M&S limited edition items to bottles of wine being sold on offer at supermarkets.

However, as the cost of the weekly shop doesn’t seem to be improving anytime soon, many people will be trying their best to save money in the run-up to Christmas.

That’s why when I came across Aldi’s new winter wine range that claimed to be their “most affordable wine range yet”, I had to see what it was all about (along with my wine-tasting pal).

The supermarket said almost 90% of the 145 wines are currently priced under £10.

In fact, the boozy bottles start from just £4.75 but how does the taste vs cost compare?

The collection includes the velvety Toscana Rosso, smooth Argentinian Merlot, and jammy Lisbon Red, which Aldi says wine fans can save up to 94% compared to alternatives such as Tignanello by Antinori and Porta 6.

Is Aldi’s new affordable winter wine range the real deal?

Mimo Moutinho Lisbon Red (£6.29, 75cl)

Ledbury Reporter: Do you prefer red or white wine?Do you prefer red or white wine? (Image: Newsquest)

“A Portuguese delight, this wine boasts rich notes of plums, cherries, blueberries, and blackberries. With a hint of cherry blossom on the finish, this soft and easy-drinking tipple is a perfect autumn red.

Shoppers can save almost 33% compared to alternative brand Porta 6.”

I’m a huge lover of red wine and I even prefer it to white.

I personally thought this had a lovely fruity taste and thankfully it wasn’t acidic at all which really surprised me (my reflux was nowhere to be seen).

My wine-tasting buddy said it reminded him of the Spanish wines he often indulges in on holiday.

Ledbury Reporter: Aldi has also recently announced it is further lower prices on items including cereal, fruit, and snacksAldi has also recently announced it is further lower prices on items including cereal, fruit, and snacks (Image: Aldi)

He also said he thought it was similar to a Ruby Port but this was fruitier.

My score: 7/10

Wine-tasting pal’s score: 8/10

South African Fernão Pires (£8.99, 75cl)

“Portugal meets South Africa with this light and fruity tipple from the Western Cape vineyards.

“A native Portuguese variety that has already won a SILVER and BRONZE accolade at the Decanter World Wine Awards and International Wine Challenge, this unique wine offers intriguing aromatics of white pepper, plums, nectarine, and mango for a flavoursome and textured finish.”

This had a really delightful tangy taste, but I wouldn’t describe it as sharp – it was just right in terms of fruitiness.

Ledbury Reporter: The bottles of wine from Aldi's new winter range start from just £4.75 The bottles of wine from Aldi's new winter range start from just £4.75 (Image: Newsquest)

However, there was no aftertaste lingering which made it feel a little weak.

My Score: 6/10

Wine-tasting pal’s score: 7/10

Specially Selected Chassaux et Fils Gamay Rouge (£8.99, 75cl)

“Ripe and pungent, this vibrant and youthful red boasts notes of wild strawberries, red cherries and raspberries that are reminiscent of a juicy winter berry pudding – a delicious pairing with duck breast and charcuterie spreads.”

This was my favourite by far and must be up there with the famous Yellow Tail Jammy Red Roo in terms of quality.

I specifically liked how floral and light it was, again with not much acidity.

You can definitely taste the violet notes with berries and a hint of smokiness – it all blended together nicely.

This wasn’t highly rated for my wine-tasting pal as he prefers really sweet wines.

My score: 9/10

Wine-tasting pal’s score: 5/10

Specially Selected Australian Chardonnay & Grüner Veltliner Blend (£9.99, 75cl)

“An unusual blend, this unique and juicy wine offers subtle aromas of peach, vanilla, and lemon posset with spicy oak notes on the finish.

“With well-balanced acidity and an attractive dry, medium-bodied palate, it’s sure to surprise and delight.”

This was my wine-tasting pal’s favourite from the range, as he said it had a strong peach flavour, “full-bodied and mild acidity characteristics of a Chardonnay.”

Yes, he took this very seriously.

We both loved the vanilla and smoky tones and rated it 8/10.

Specially Selected Argentinian Cabernet Sauvignon (£6.99, 75cl)

Ledbury Reporter: One particular red wine from Aldi's range reminded me of the famous Yellow Tail Jammy Red RooOne particular red wine from Aldi's range reminded me of the famous Yellow Tail Jammy Red Roo (Image: Newsquest)

“Deliciously youthful yet medium-bodied, this pleasant and easy-drinking red offers notes of plum, raspberry, cherries, and mint with peppery tannins on the finish.

“A versatile tipple that pairs perfectly with fajitas or roast lamb.”

It’s easy to understand how this bottle would work well with lamb as the subtle mint flavour was a highlight.

This, mixed with a range of berries made the perfect balance for something rich yet refreshing.

We both gave this an 8/10.

To conclude, just these handful of affordable wines from Aldi shouldn’t be missed if you’re looking for a festive tipple or two and are wanting to slash a few pounds when it comes to an alcoholic beverage with family or friends, depending on their liking.

From the few I tried, I thought they were all worth the money and it’s good to know Aldi is now on my radar when it comes to looking for new wines to try.

Aldi’s new Autumn winter wine range is now available in stores.