SCHOOLS across Evesham celebrated excellent GCSE results as a new ‘tougher’ exam system and 9-1 grading system came into force.

At Prince Henry’s High School, a quarter of students achieved ‘top’ marks of 7 plus in their GCSEs. More than three quarters of students achieved a ‘pass’ grade of at least a 4 in their GCSEs.

The percentage of students receiving five or more GCSEs with a grade of 9-7 was 22 per cent. The percentage for students achieving five or more GCSEs at grades 4 and above was 72 per cent.

Headteacher Dr Tony Evans said: “I would like to offer my warmest congratulations to the students.

“They have been a remarkable, motivated and committed group of young people who thoroughly deserve the outstanding academic success they have achieved.

“These exceptional GCSE results, are a tribute to the incredible hard work and dedication of the students, staff, parents and the governing body.

“I am extremely proud of all of our students rising to the challenge of the reformed GCSEs and I offer my sincerest congratulations to everyone concerned.”

Just over one in five students at Bowbrook House School, near Pershore, got a ‘top’ GCSE with 21.1 per cent of students achieving a 9-7 grade. Just over three quarters who took GCSES at Bowbrook House achieved a pass of 4 and above.

The number of students who achieved five or more passes at 4 and above was 73.9 per cent.

Individually, Henry Rowling was the school’s top performer with six grade 8 and three grade 9 GCSEs.

Headmaster Chris Allen said: "Given the uncertainty surrounding of the new 9-1 GCSE exams I am incredibly proud of the pupils who have incredibly worked hard and done very well.

“I am also grateful to all the teaching staff who have shown tremendous professionalism in the face of trying circumstances.

“94 per cent of our grade predictions were either on or within one grade, making results day far less stressful for pupils and parents alike. But statistics and 'top' grades only tell half the story.

“Pass or fail at GCSE is not the true measure of a school's success with its pupils and I am very proud of all our leavers. I wish them happy and fulfilling futures.”

Students and staff at The De Montfort School said they celebrated some “very good” GCSE results but did not send any figures to the Worcester News.

Headteacher Guy Nichols said: “We are very proud of our students’ successes and it is so pleasing to see that they, and their parents, really appreciate the commitment and support they have received from our dedicated staff.

“We are equally delighted that many of our students are eagerly looking forward to beginning the next stage of their educational journey by joining our Sixth Form.

“We would like to wish them and all our students the very best for the future.”

Pershore High School once again performed well in their GCSEs.

The school fared slightly worse than last year, although headteacher Phil Hanson pointed out that the qualifications were harder this year.

Some 59 per cent of pupils achieved grade four or above - and 20 per cent scored grade seven or above - in five of their GCSEs.

Overall, 72 per cent of GCSE grades at the school were four or above.

Mr Hanson said: "I am so pleased to congratulate our fabulous students on their GCSE results.

"They have been a very hardworking year group and this hard work has paid off with some excellent results.

"The new reformed GCSEs are significantly more challenging but our students have risen to that challenge and performed very well.

"I would like to pay tribute to all of their teachers who have supported the students so well and helped them to achieve their grades."

At Bredon School, 62 per cent of students achieved passes, achieving grades between 9 and 4.

Lauren Hayward, who received the school’s Award for Excellence, obtained seven GCSEs ranging from 8 to 5 and two BTECs.

At the school, 100 per cent of students passed GCSEs in Spanish and religious education, 92 per cent of students were awarded passes and 83 per cent of students achieved more than a grade 4 in geography.

Headteacher Koen Claeys was “delighted” with the results.

He said: “I am overjoyed at the results achieved by our Year 11 pupils.

“It is fantastic to see our students perform so well in traditional subjects but at the same time, to be so adept at creative and vocational courses.

“Bredon’s impressive examination results are a credit to our hard-working pupils and our dedicated teaching staff.”