AFTER meeting the Early Years leader, Rachael Ginger, she explained how each morning when the children arrive, they take part in activities to settle them in. These tasks give the children the opportunity to gain confidence and allows them to join in in their own time.

There is a strong focus at Dines Green on incorporating learning methods into everything for the children to be challenged and learn through play.

Mrs Ginger said: “We like the children to take learning on for themselves. It is a child-initiated process. We want every child to be an independent learner. We hope they grow to be confident individuals and leave Reception with a good level of development.

“We aim to provide a stimulating and welcoming environment for all children. We meet individual needs and are always looking for the next way to further their experiences and understanding in a supportive manner. We provide the foundations for the rest of their school life.”

On the subject of the school in Tudor Way, Worcester, becoming part of the Multi Academy Trust, Mrs Ginger added: “There has been a lot of change since the merge – there has been new management and new roles.”

The academy has allowed the schools to share and collaborate on work. The schools hope to host cross campus events and share facilities. It will allow the children from different backgrounds to meet up in groups.

The school’s ethos focuses on promoting the children’s learning by making links with what the pupils are doing and recognising problem solving throughout activities.

The pupils recognise the importance of being kind and sharing, as this is heavily applied through daily activities.

During my visit, the children were designing their own Valentine’s Day biscuits and writing a note to the person they wanted to give the biscuit.

The biscuit-making was designed to build on the children’s skills, such as writing, being creative with designing their topping, counting how many biscuits have been made and recognising the different shapes.

The nursery promotes the pupils to learn skills and values to prepare each child for transition into primary school.


'Happy children succeed' - King's St Alban's school motto