UNCERTAINTY remains about the future of Post Offices services in Tenbury.

The Post Office is currently located within Bowketts supermarket that is schedule to close for the last time on Saturday, May 4.

It was moved to Bowketts after the closure of the stand alone Post Office in Teme Street.

Whilst the Advertiser understand that talks are still ongoing as things stands the supermarket that has served the town for more than 100 years will close.

This will mean that the town will not have a Post Office at least for a temporary period although the local MP says that there is a requirement to have a Post Office in a town the size of Tenbury.

West Wocestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has offered her support to local Post Office managers who are attempting to move the service to a new, permanent location in Tenbury.

The announcement follows confirmation that the current Post Office will temporarily close after Bowkett’s announced it will shut down next month.

Talks are advanced on finding a new retailer to take over the service and allow the Post Office to fulfil its obligations to keep a service in the town.

Mrs Baldwin worked closely with the Post Office management in 2015 to ensure that a service was preserved following the retirement of the Sub Postmaster and she was given guarantees on the permanent future of the local service in Tenbury.

“There is a legal requirement for a post office in a town the size of Tenbury and the Government subsidises the network, so I look forward to hearing the Post Office’s plans to maintain the service for residents,” she said.

“Unfortunately, although the current post office service was expected to be continued under new ownership in its current location, that agreement looks to have fallen through, and Bowkett’s have now chosen to close the store down.

“I hope that this process is completed swiftly and we see a resumption of services as quickly as possible.”

The Post Office has becoming increasingly important following the closure of banks in rural areas, including Tenbury.

There was an announcement at the beginning of the year that Bowketts was set to close, but it was put on the market and a buyer was found to continue the business as a going concern.

However, just before the sale was due for completion in was revealed that the buyer had pulled out.