I grew up in Droitwich Central, a stone’s throw from St. Nicholas Street, where my grandmother was born and from where she later married my grandfather, in St Nicholas Church.

From my grandfather I learnt to appreciate the enduring British values of resilience, ingenuity and tolerance - values that I endeavour to exemplify and convey to my students. Apart from teaching English, I enjoy getting out in the community and leading tours around the town.

If elected, my priorities for the ward include campaigning to keep council tax low - whilst ensuring service provision is strong; to support vulnerable residents and safeguard key services, such as the library.

If elected, I will be a strong advocate for all residents and will actively campaign to support the creation of a town centre masterplan - to see Droitwich town centre pleasant and prosperous for generations to come.



Chas has lived in Droitwich for over 32 years. He is involved in the group ensuring the Droitwich neighbourhood plan is drafted, accepted and implemented. He has a keen interest in transport planning and the quality of rail services available from Droitwich.

A recent survey carried out by the Liberal Democrats in Central ward showed that residents were concerned about the lack of visible local policing and the poor performance of local councillors.

Parking both for residents and for commuters using the railway station was a big issue.

Reinstating the neighbourhood plan is one of Chas’s top priorities, along with sorting out parking problems in the area including campaigning for more affordable parking at the station. Along with his Liberal Democrat colleagues he will be seeking measures to be put in place to put life back into Droitwich town centre and achieving a higher level of visible policing.



We have both lived in Droitwich East for many years and have a thorough knowledge of the ward.

Eric is a retired analyst and programmer and is the consort to the current Mayor of Droitwich Spa, his wife Chris. He is active in a number of Droitwich Spa charities.

Alex is a retired teacher and has been a member of Droitwich Spa Town Council since 2011. He is currently the leader of the council and has been involved in many local projects.

If elected our priorities for the Ward will include the production and implementation of a Town Master Plan, supporting the project for a new sports pavilion in St. Peter’s Field and working with police and other partners to devise strategies to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, particularly in the High Street and the parks.

Our priorities will also be recognising the importance of tourism for the economy of Droitwich Spa as a whole by supporting all initiatives which seek to enhance the rich heritage of the town, ensuring both the Lido Park and Vines Park remain award-winning and benefit from the park improvement strategy both as excellent leisure facilities and as important participants in the Pollinator Friendly Worcestershire Initiative and listening to and addressing the concerns and priorities of all residents.

We share a passion for our beautiful town and seek to make it an even better place to live in for residents of all ages. We are honoured to have been selected as candidates for the Conservative Party and ask for your support on May 2.


Wendy has lived in Droitwich Spa for over 20 years. She is a retired physiotherapist and health issues are a particular concern to her. She has previously served as a councillor on Wychavon District Council between 2007 and 2011.

Wendy is concerned that public services for local residents are now declining.

Complacent Conservative councillors have allowed local bus services to decline and have ignored the fact that use of Droitwich Spa Foodbank has increased by 48 per cent in the last year.

Library services are likely to be squeezed, the Brine Baths replacement has not materialised and the Raven Hotel is still boarded up. She feels strongly that councillors should keep their local communities informed, seek their views and address their concerns.

Wendy said: “There are currently 40 Conservatives and five Liberal Democrat councillors on Wychavon District Council. Complacent Tory councillors need more Liberal Democrats to create an effective opposition."



I am standing to give the people of Droitwich the chance to vote for a candidate that will challenge the council to ensure that future decisions reverse the appalling lack of social mobility for many of our youngsters.

I will also push to ensure council public services are not cut any further and work with people to find the right balance of council tax rises against the improvements they would like to see in their area, including investment in zero carbon social rent housing.

I would make sure that local people are kept regularly informed, regular door knocking and undertake events to help people understand various issues, such as how to avoid being a victim of crime.

I would work to enhance the lives and environment of the citizens of Droitwich; so we can together take positive action to restore biodiversity and play our part combating climate change.


I am a retired businessman running my own company for 30 years, I am married with three children, all educated in Droitwich schools, a town resident for more than 40 years, a supporter of several charities and member of Salters Patient Participation Group.

I share local concerns regarding the Yew Tree Hill Development and, if elected, it is the intention of Richard Morris and I to press for public meetings to include builders, developers and highways to seek answers and reassurances about the future management of the sites and reduce the discomfort and inconvenience to Droitwich residents.

I fully support the need for a neighbourhood plan for Droitwich aimed at stopping further development in the south of the town, to ensure that the infra structure is fully geared to provide for the future and increasing population.

If elected, it is my intention to use my strong business background to further improve the already high standards provided by Wychavon District Council.


Originally from Essex, I studied chemical engineering at Teesside Polytechnic. I currently work as a plant manager in Gloucestershire. In my professional life I am used to working with diverse groups and departments to get problems solved, a skill I can use to help the constituents of Droitwich South East.

I have lived in Droitwich Spa for the last 12 years and as a local resident I am concerned about the lack of joined up planning which is leading to large scale development taking place without the facilities residents need or adequate infrastructure in place. The development on Yew Tree Hill, which was approved on appeal in spite of being refused permission by Wychavon District Council, has inadequate transport links with the town. The current belated road works to try to rectify this are now causing havoc in the town. This is too little too late.

If elected I will work to ensure that future development does not take place without the required infrastructure in place.


I have had the pleasure to represent Droitwich South East on Wychavon and Copcut on town councils for several years, supporting many local organisations including chairman of Droitwich Area Young People's Action Group, chairman of Droitwich United Charities, founder of Friends of Droitwich Lido, set up and support Droitwich Spa Youth Council, set up Droitwich Brine Heritage Group and started and chaired the Neighbourhood Plan Group looking to deliver a future Town vision, fought with SOGOS (save our green open spaces) against development in the south which we lost at appeal and now fight for suitable support for an increased population.

With my colleague John Grady I will set up a public meeting and invite highways and other agencies to discuss the concerns at Yew Tree/Pulley Lane. I will continue to listen and serve the people of Droitwich to the best of my ability. Vote locally.


Having lived, taught and brought up my family in Droitwich I feel I know the town well.

I am a member of Droitwich Arts Network as well as other local groups. As I have previously been a Wychavon District Councillor for the area, I am aware that people need to feel they have someone local they can approach if they have a problem which is a council matter.

If elected I will keep you informed – and seek your views – in regular Focus newsletters throughout the year.

I care about our town and the local environment. I supported the successful campaign to restore the Lido and was a founder member of SOBBS. I will fight to put life back into our historic town. We need a vibrant town centre with new shops and leisure facilities.

Residents have told us that they want to see local community police patrolling their streets and this is something I support. Evidence shows that a local police officer develops a relationship with local people, which has a positive influence on reducing crime making residents feel safer.


I have lived in Droitwich for 10 years and love it here. I am standing for district councillor because for too long the council has been dominated by the same group of people.

I want to change that and start holding them to account. Our world is changing and needs new people to adapt to these changes.

I am thinking of course of the environment and plastic pollution but, also on a local level the need for decent housing – not build on our green spaces but, on brownfield sites, not grubbing up hedges at a time when birds are nesting – for example.

I want to live in an area where it is not business as usual at the expense of a community and its people.



As a young and enthusiastic individual, I would welcome your support and the opportunity to serve you as a district councillor for the Droitwich South West ward.

I first developed an interest in politics during my teens when studying political traditions and ideologies. I subsequently became a member of the Conservative Party because they best represent the values of individual liberty and personal autonomy.

If elected to Droitwich South West, my priority will be listening to the comments and concerns that residents have in the area. However, I am also keen to support local sporting activity and wellbeing, community clubs, the neighbourhood watch as well as initiatives to keep the ward clean and tidy.


Following a career in the armed forces, Adrian trained as a frontline social care professional. He then spent over 35 years in local government, working for a variety of councils, including six in the West Midlands.

This wide experience has given him a good grounding in working in challenging situations with very few resources. As a result, he firmly believes that much can be achieved in communities where the leadership is able to think laterally.

Adrian moved to Droitwich in 2011. After just one visit to the town, he decided that it would be his home for good.

Since then he has watched the town centre slowly disintegrate as the shops close down. Amongst other things, this has motivated him to take action and do something about it. He firmly believes that the primary cause of Droitwich’s demise is the fact that it is a “One Party Town”.

Adrian says that the Conservatives had held power for so long they have lost he ability the think creatively.

He believes that Droitwich desperately needs some lateral thinking to save it from further decline. This is why he is standing for election as a Liberal Democrat.


I would be honoured to represent the residents in Droitwich South West.

I have lived in the ward and attended both Westacre and Droitwich High Schools. I have worked in the town and supported many local organisations including the British Legion, German Twinning, and Coventry Alms-houses to name a few.

I have been a Droitwich High School governor for many years.

If elected I wish to support community Transport and activities for the elderly, support youth and sport facilities in the town, solutions to parking issues on Chawson, Old Coach Road, Fabricius Avenue and Corbett and Lyttleton Avenues, find a solution to the Raven Hotel and support the library serving the local community and support a local neighbourhood plan to give Droitwich a vision on its future.

I am standing for election with Matthew Hartley to address your concerns and help improve our Town.


I am a long standing resident of Droitwich having lived here with my family for over 31 years. I am a former parent governor of Westacre Middle School and have extensive experience of West Mercia Police, having worked at police headquarters for over a decade.

As a Liberal Democrat I believe in community politics - the power of local people to come together to solve their own problems and make a better life for their neighbourhoods.

If elected I will strive to work with partners at a local and national level to build a fair society in our town, where everyone is able to provide for their families, afford decent housing and feel safe in their community.

Key for me and for the future is to help, encourage and re-energise Droitwich people to actively engage with the local political processes and other forms of social and civic activity, in order to secure a healthy future for our town.

It is vital that we address the disconnect that local people now feel with the current Conservative administrations at district and town level.




I have lived in Droitwich West all my life and grew up helping campaign here. My first term on the council is coming to an end, during which time I have become involved which Chawson Barnes, various Fortis events and began chairing the Droitwich planning committee whilst helping manage Gloverspiece Carefarm.


I have been a resident of Droitwich West for the past five years.

During that time, I have been an active campaigner on many local issues relevant to local people including campaigning to save the local pharmacy, opposing the Fortis planning application achieving improvements to the plan, and campaigning for greater pedestrian safety at the Roman Way junction with the Westwood roundabout.

As a result, residents tell me they believe that after years of neglect the local councils are focussing greater attention on the ward particularly in regard to the improvement of social mobility.

Outside of my local activity in West ward, I am a trustee and director of Age UK in Hereford and, in the past, have been a chief financial officer with a famous national airline group in Switzerland. Prior to this I was a successful ward councillor for the Liberal Democrats in Richmond upon Thames.