BUSINESSES in Ludlow need to make known their opinion of rules about the use of ‘A’ boards to advertise.

At the end of last year, Shropshire Council came up with proposals to strictly control the way businesses place A-Boards outside their premises and sometimes much further away.

These were subsequently withdrawn as being too draconian and now there is a further consultation being undertaken.

It is an issue that divides opinion with some people, especially the handicapped and visually impaired, feeling that they are a nuisance and in some cases a hazard.

There have also been instances of the boards being blown into roads by high winds.

However, some hard-pressed businesses consider them to be a useful way of making people aware of the goods and services provided inside shops and other premises.

The current policy for the use of ‘A’ boards in Shropshire was agreed by Cabinet in 2011 following a similar review which took place in 2010 with the aim to support local businesses and uphold the right of public use of the highway.

Due mainly to organisational re-structures (leading to key positions in the process being made redundant) the current policy has effectively been ‘under review’ since 2016.

The current policy allows businesses the use of up to two A-boards (including any advanced boards with permission from town or parish councils) in which to advertise their particular trade or business.

An A-board is to be placed directly outside of the premises against the frontage of the property. It must be fit for purpose and cause no potential hazard, nuisance or obstruction and the business needs to demonstrate that sufficient public liability insurance (£5m) is in place to protect the council.

Andy Boddington, who represents Ludlow North on Shropshire Council, wants traders to make their feelings known to Ludlow Town Council or directly to Shropshire Council.