THE late spring bank holiday has brought visitors, including many walkers into south Shropshire.

People from all over the country come to the area to enjoy walking holidays and Church Stretton hosts an annual walking festival and Ludlow has been involved in a ‘Welcomes Walkers’ initiative.

The visitors bring much needed income into the area and as well as taking to the hills they use shops, pubs, hotels and restaurants as well as visiting other attractions.

But the arrival of walkers can mean a busy time for the Emergency Services.

At Clun the fire service has a special emergency vehicle for use on rough terrain.

Whilst people are encouraged to enjoy the hills and the countryside, they are also warned to take care and be aware of the risks.

Fire chiefs have warned people to make sure that they are careful when out and about and do nothing that could spark fires in grass and heather.

People are also warned to be aware that when they take to the hills they are properly equipped with the appropriate clothing and have left details of where they are going.

They are also warned to be aware that weather conditions can change quickly.