MALVERN'S famous Morgan Motor Company has just unveiled its latest sports car, the Plus Six, at the Geneva International Motor Show.

The company, now in its 110th year of business, says the Plus Six combines the company's classic design with the latest BMW power train, making it one of the cleanest vehicles within the Morgan range.

Managing director Steve Morris said: "It gives us immense pleasure to finally reveal the long-awaited Morgan Plus Six to the world. The Plus Six represents a significant development programme for Morgan, spanning over four years and encompassing expertise and input from several new and existing technical partners.

“The result of the programme is an all-new CX-Generation bonded aluminium platform that will underpin our highest performance models throughout the next decade, and most importantly, the Morgan Plus Six, a model that we are delighted will lead the next step in the evolution of the Morgan sports car.

“We have listened to our global customer base and not only have we introduced all of the technical advancements highlighted, we have done so whilst continuing to stay true to our roots and championing the craftsmanship and iconic design that is synonymous with Morgan."

As with all other Morgans, the Plus Six will be hand-built by the company's skilled work force at its factory in Pickersleigh Road.

The Plus Six is the first production Morgan to use an inline six-cylinder engine and the first to use turbocharging. The engine can propel the car from 0 to 62mph in 4.2 seconds, continuing to a top speed of 165mph.

Technology manager Graham Chapman said: "The continuation of our 20-year partnership with BMW is one that we are extremely proud of. Since the millennium, the most powerful and exhilarating Morgan cars have been powered by BMW engines.

“For a small British company, it gives us great confidence to receive a technical seal of approval from an industry-leading giant such as BMW. The performance of the Plus Six far exceeds anything we’ve previously built, and we can’t wait to share the model with our customers.”