WEST WORCESTERSHIRE MP Harriett Baldwin welcomed Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt to Tenbury to kick off his bid to become leader of the Conservative Party and the next Prime Minister.

Jeremy Hunt chatted to Mrs Baldwin, local party members and councillors before taking in a whistle stop tour of the town including visiting the town’s chocolate factory and even getting a quick snip at the hairdressers.

The Foreign Secretary agreed to the visit to start his bid for leadership after securing a place in the final.

“I’ve worked closely with Jeremy in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and I have seen his strengths, both as a Minister and a leader, at first hand,” said Mrs Baldwin.

“That is why I have backed him throughout this campaign, and I was delighted that he chose to visit West Worcestershire to start his campaigning.

“He got the chance to meet many local people and drop-in to a variety of shops during his quick tour of the town centre.

“I asked him if he will put his backing behind flood defences for the town if he becomes Prime Minister, and he also offered his clear support for a return of the post office to Tenbury.

“The feedback locally was very impressive, and I hope that he continues to make great progress as he talks to party members across the country about why he is the right choice to unite the party, the country and deliver Brexit.”

Mrs Baldwin had previously stated that she was sorry that Theresa May had stepped down as Prime Minister believing that she had done a good job under difficult circumstances.

The MP, whose West Worcestershire constituency includes Tenbury, was a Remain supporter in the 2016 Referendum saying that she believed that staying in the European Union would damage the economy of the country and national security.

However, she has since said that she believes that the result of the referendum that resulted in a narrow majority for Leave, must be honoured.

The leader of the Conservative party leader and next Prime Minister will be chosen by members of the Conservative party and there will be a series of hustings events around the country.

Mr Hunt is considered to be an outsider but the has pledged to give the favourite Boris Johnson ‘the fight of his life.’

The Foreign Secretary narrowly beat Michael Gove in a vote of Conservative MPs to secure his place in the run-off.