A COUNTY branch of the Foster Carers’ Workers (FCW) Union has been launched.

And a former foster carer has welcomed the group’s creation saying they would still be in the role now if they had received the help the union can give.

The union is fighting for the foster carers to be recognised as workers and campaigning for Foster Carers to have their own independent licensing body.

The union has also launched its own ‘allegations’ training, which gives a true picture of what foster carers can expect and what they can do.

The former county foster carer has highlighted their negative experience, saying the allegations were of particular concern.

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“What they don’t tell you is that once an allegation is made – be it proven or not - once there is an incident or even if your face doesn’t fit, then you are alone because you are not employed by the local authority or the fostering agency – you are effectively self-employed," they said.

“You are left drowning in red tape, investigations you are not included in, decisions being made about your future without you even being in the room.”

Sarah Anderson, FCW national chairman, said: “In just two years the IWGB have gained thousands of members as we continue to expose the injustice which foster carers face.

“We offer support when allegations are made against foster carers because we know they are often left alone, with nowhere to turn.

The first meeting is being held between 11am and 12.30pm at Wychbold Village Hall in School Road on Thursday June 27.

The union is a branch of the Independent Workers of Great Britain (IWGB).

At the inaugural meeting foster carers are invited to find out how the union is working for them, and how they can be supported in their current working conditions.

For more details e-mail sarahanderson@iwgb.co.uk.