LUDLOW Town Council are 'very disappointed' that planning permission has been granted on green, open space on Sidney Road.

The council objected to the plans and do not feel the concerns raised have been dealt with. The plans will see five, independent-living bungalows built on land near Sidney Road and Charlton Rise.

Coun Ginger, Chairman of Representational Committee, said: "In March 2019, the Town Council made their objections know during the appeal process and wrote to the inspector stating that the Town Council strongly objects to the application because it is exactly the same application that has been refused by Shropshire Council Planning Committee.

"No new material reasons have been put forward, and simply reiterating a planning application to erode the resistance to it should not be a legitimate strategy, or a material planning consideration.

"To be clear, there have been no material changes that warrant reconsideration of the planning application."

According to the council, the green open space at Charlton Rise/Sidney Road is a ‘showcase’ space on a main route into the historic town of Ludlow and development on this green open space would have a considerable impact on local residents.

"The town council’s planning committee work hard to represent the local perspective," added coun Ginger.

"The Town Council still believes that the proposed development will be detrimental to local residents who will lose a significant green space that they have enjoyed the use of for over 20 years."