IN eight days, the judges will visit Ludlow to see if it is up to scratch when it comes to the town’s bid to win another ‘in bloom’ gold.

But there is a warning that there is no cause for complacency and a real danger that the attempt to secure another top mark could come a cropper this year.

The team working to make sure that Ludlow is looking its best for the visit by the ‘in bloom’ judges has one less problem to worry about this year.

But a new problem is causing increasing concern.

Next month the judges will be in town to decide if Ludlow can continue its run of Gold awards.

Last year a very dry summer with soaring temperatures and a drought make it difficult to ensure that the plants were watered and kept in good condition.

But very heavy rain in June as part of a prolonged period of wet weather means that this is not a concern in 2019. However, Vivienne Parry, who leads the Ludlow ‘in bloom’ team is concerned about the amount of fly-tipping in and around the town.

“We are really concerned that this will create a very bad impression,” said Mrs Parry.

She believes that the problem is linked to the decision of Shropshire Council to remove recycling bins.

Mrs Parry said that the amount of flytipping is not only unpleasant for locals and visitors but could also create a very bad impression with the judges.

“There is too much rubbish just being dumped around the town,” she said.

“Whilst it is no excuse, the truth is that people are finding it increasingly difficult to dispose of excess rubbish.

“Dumping it is unacceptable but with recycle bins being removed and the closure several years ago of the town’s waste disposal site people now face a trip to Craven Arms if they want to go to a recycling centre.

“This is a long way and with the cost of fuel there is a temptation for people to do the wrong thing.”

She said that as well as being unpleasant, rubbish that has been dumped is also a potential health hazard attracting flies and vermin with the problem being even worse in the summer when the weather is hot.

Mrs Parry said that as well as

the blooms and community involvement, the judges will also be looking for a tidy town that takes a pride in itself.

The judges visit Ludlow on Friday, July 12, and after a tour of the town they will finish up for lunch and to meet people at Whitefriars as they did last year.