A greedy little squirrel got caught red-pawed with his hands in the cookie jar - quite literally - at the weekend after getting trapped in a bird feeder in Redditch.

RSPCA Inspector Suzi Smith was called to Banners Lane in Redditch last Sunday morning (June 30) to the trapped grey squirrel.

Suzi said: “We were called by a woman who was very concerned about the squirrel who was trapped in the metal guard around the feeder.

“He’d somehow managed to get his back legs wedged right in the metal bars and, thrashing around, knocked the bird feeder over the fence and onto the grass.

“He was quite literally caught red-handed with his hands in the cookie jar - or should I say paws in the bird feeder!”

The woman tried to free the squirrel but he was extremely distressed so she called the RSPCA for help.

Suzi put the whole feeder into a basket and wrapped the squirrel in a towel so she could carefully wriggle him free.

“Thankfully, I was able to carefully free him by cutting a couple of the metal bars and squeezing him out,” she said.

“I gave him a quick check over there and then and released him back into the garden.”

If you find an injured or trapped wild animal keep your distance and contact our 24-hour emergency hotline for advice: 0300 1234 999.

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