MALVERN'S Chase School has declared its own climate emergency in response to fears about the planet's rising temperatures.

Staff members Sarah Dukes, who runs the school's eco committee, said: "We'll be living with the consequences of climate change for generations to come.

"We want to raise awareness, acknowledge the crisis, and lead the way in action.”

In line with the declaration, the school will strive to reduce its carbon footprint.

Key actions include increasing the knowledge and understanding of climate change across the school community, improving drinking water facilities to reduce single-use plastic bottles, and offsetting the school’s paper consumption by planting trees.

Students are encouraged to walk or cycle to school, take public transport, or car share.

They are also encouraged to use re-usable water bottles, and look after their pens, books and other belongings to avoid unnecessary waste.

Head Mike Fieldhouse said: "We want to improve the school’s awareness of climate change, and empower students and staff to help make a difference.”