A GROUP of environmental campaigners from Malvern will join forces for a nationwide protest next week.

The Malvern branch of Extinction Rebellion is joining the protest in Bristol from July 15 onwards, and will disrupt key transport routes and occupy public spaces in central Bristol, as part of a non-violent, coordinated uprising across England, Scotland and Wales.

The campaigners, who will cause disruption for five days, will be calling on the UK government to act to halt biodiversity loss and cut greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025.

The 'Bristol occupation' will be part of a national rebellion called the ‘Summer Uprising’, taking place in five UK cities.

The nationwide protest will see synchronised actions in Bristol, Cardiff, London, Leeds and Glasgow.

Each city will focus on a different aspect of the ecological crisis.

The focus of the Bristol action is rising sea levels, reflecting the city’s maritime history and its risk of floods.

Malvern XR member Jenna Higgins, small business owner, comments: "We know that this kind of disruption is difficult for people, but lobbying and petitions have not been enough to encourage our government to act now to reduce carbon emissions.

"We must recognise that we are facing a climate emergency, and we cannot continue with business as usual.

"Without drastic reduction of emissions to net zero by 2025, floods, wildfires, extreme weather and crop failures are only going to get worse, leading to mass migration and societal breakdown."

Alongside the disruptive actions, Extinction Rebellion members will use the occupation to hold lawful Solution Zones with talks, workshops and family-friendly events that Bristol residents can take part in with their children.

Earlier this year, members of the group took to the streets of Malvern for a march, carrying a coffin to symbolise extinct species.