A MALVERN-based design company has created a bespoke badge celebrating two of the British Army's most iconic regiments.

Selcraft, which is based in Malvern, has made the new badge to symbolise a mutual respect and brotherhood between the Royal Marines and Parachute Regiment, despite the traditional rivalry between the two regiments.

Designed and produced by Carl Huxley, the bespoke badge will be worn in pride of place by members of the two regiments.

Carl said: "It’s been wonderful to work with such a passionate group of people who value the work we’ve undertaken for them.

"This design idea received was simple: the challenge here was to recreate the design into an attractive badge whilst staying true to the spirit of the organisations."

The team at Selcraft has been working alongside organisations of all sizes since 1973, designing award-winning medals, insignia and badges and specialising in creative design and bespoke production.