The proposed Kington plan gives support for building a large estate of 100 dwellings on green fields. If the “Neighbourhood” Plan does not represent the wishes of Kington residents It is NOT a Neighbourhood Plan. This was shown in a questionnaire, Kington Local Action Plan -Survey Report June 2013:

Housing, which asked “Where would you like to see new housing built?”

The response was:

67.4% on redundant sites; 43.5% in small clusters; 25.7% available as individual plots; 19.80% between existing housing (in-fill); 2.5% in larger estates **** (lowest of all categories)!

What have we got..... a large estate of 100 dwellings proposed on green field site. I would have thought that in this new age of sustainability, zero emissions etc., we would be moving beyond allocating dwellings by ticking boxes for local or central government.

People need houses close to where they work. Where would all those new families send their children to school? Welsh Water has no definite plan for any improvements to their system. The local doctor’s surgery do a marvellous job but are under pressure with the current population. The infrastructure is woefully inadequate to cope with a massive increase of dwellings and potentially 200 more vehicles on Kington minor roads.

It’s no good shrugging your shoulders, saying “It’ll never happen”. If you disagree VOTE NO on Thursday, July 25.

Arbitrary decisions on the Kington settlement boundary were made with little or no consultation with the Kington community resulting in the dismissal of other sites that could have been more suitable.

Wrong houses! Wrong place! It’s wrong. Vote no.

Ian Caney

Concerned Kington Residents Group.