Artist David Marl invites us to ‘wander in enchanted ground’ and view his exhibition at Worcester Cathedral.

The paintings are on display up to July 28 in the Dean’s Chapel.

A spokesman said: “We are delighted to host this exhibition by the Reverend David Marl ARCA. David’s style is compelling and original – symbolist pictures informed by the English visionary tradition, early Italian and Flemish painting, neo-romantic art and Japanese block prints. His sequences of small paintings – some of them meditations on the four gospels – aim to express a spiritual vision. He has exhibited widely in Dorset and elsewhere, including London, Oxford and Cornwall.”

Mr Marl added: “Having originally trained as a stained glass artist at Kingston and the Royal College of Art, I’ve since painted, written and taught, though never made another window.

“I now live in Sherborne, Dorset, painting and working as an associate priest at the abbey. The paintings in this exhibition are all from the last few years and explore elements of Christianity. Some of them contain a received Christian symbolism, but other symbolism is more personal. The paintings are arrived at in different ways - sometimes I know where they are going from the start, but not often.

He added: “Painting for me is an act of faith and meanings emerge as I work - as I ‘wander enchanted ground’. The titles sometimes take on a life of their own - I’m not sure of their purpose but they amuse Irene, my wife, without whom none of it would be possible.”

Canon Georgina Byrne said: ‘David invites us to wander in enchanted ground and we are delighted to encourage that wandering in this holy place. His pictures offer us small windows on a larger vision.”