DOES our troubled nation truly need healing?

Comedian Andy Parsons thinks so, and he’s lined up a date at Worcester’s Huntingdon Hall, in a bid to spread some sunshine and light.

As you do.

A spokesman said: “The legendary wit and wisdom of Andy Parsons is on tour again - with his new show, Healing the Nation.

“Following on from his last tour Peak Bullsh*t, Andy has decided to try and bring some happiness and heal some raw wounds in this divided, angry country of ours. Care to join him?

“The show rocks up at Huntingdon Hall, Worcester on Friday, November 8.”

But what’s it all about?

A spokesman said: “If current media tropes are to be believed everybody, exists in their own social media bubble and are up in arms about everything – Brexit/ climate change/ transgenders/ badgers. So come and celebrate what it means to be British in 2019 – freedom of speech, tolerance, tolerance of freedom of speech, freedom of intolerant speech, less freedom with more intolerant speech but still some tolerance.

“In the last year, Andy has hosted People’s Vote rallies at the Electric Ballroom, Central Hall Westminster and in Parliament Square to over 100,000 people as well as fronting Independent Age’s latest Campaign Against Loneliness.

“Since being a writer on the legendary Spitting Image, Andy won the Time Out Comedy Award in 2002 and has performed stand-up all over the world. To date he has done five sell-out national tours.”

But why is he so popular?

As Andy said: “Trust me. I’m not a politician.”