The subject of many speakers’ talks is not always apparent from the advertised title, so with member Chris Donough presenting “The Psychology of Probus,” Evesham Probus Club expected the unexpected.

They were not disappointed.

Their president usually introduces speakers by giving some background but on this occasion he declined as he deemed most of the information he was given to be slanderous. Chris admitted that he had learnt more about some members from their obituaries, so he had organised the group out of their comfort zones by seating members at different tables from the ones they normally occupy.

He started by giving the less well-informed the dictionary definition of psychology, “the science of behaviour and mind”. He then gave each table a list of questions to be answered on such matters as the best reason for being a Probus member, pastimes, combined age of members on each table, how many years have members lived locally etc. Judging from the hilarity engendered, both during proceedings and when the answers were read out. 

The club meets at 10:00 every Thursday at The Boathouse, Evesham Rowing Club. 

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