I have just returned home having spent a week's holiday in a little cottage near the centre of Ludlow.

I very much enjoyed visiting the castle and spending time in the variety of independent shops, so rare to see these days.

I found the local people to be friendly and helpful.

One issue did take away from my stay, however, was the awful traffic.

There are places in the centre of Ludlow where it is really dangerous for pedestrians due to the combination of fast-moving cars and crowds of people.

It also makes it impossible to browse in some shop windows and actually put me off from attempting to go inside some of them.

I was especially puzzled by the large number of huge, noisy motorbikes whizzing around some streets.

It really isn't an image that one associates with a medieval town such as Ludlow, and really does spoil the overall charm.

So many cars and large motorbikes in a small town centre must also cause environmental damage and air pollution.

I wonder if the local authorities have ever considered pedestrianising the centre of Ludlow?

Julie Chester