SLOW Food Ludlow Marches is picking up the lead from the global Slow Food movement to theme its Taste Workshop series at Ludlow Food Festival.

A major new international campaign, Food for Change, recognises the imperative of the Climate Emergency and looks at how to shift food production and consumption towards a sustainable model.

It encourages people to think about how they eat, shop and approach food in general and how it, thereby, affects the environment. It seeks a changed approach to everyday life that brings people together around good, clean and fair food, recognising how, consumers, can help lower carbon emissions and promote biodiversity.

Always a popular series at Ludlow Food Festival, the Slow Food Taste Workshops are examples of how following these guidelines can enhance gastronomic enjoyment.

They highlight the spread of innovative and high-quality producers and chefs who work in the local area. Visitors get the chance not only to hear from the experts but also to enjoy the delicious results. Learn about the subtleties of wine and charcuterie production from Paso Primero and Shropshire Salumi, taste and hear how Andy Link of the Riverside Inn works closely with local producers and foraged products, sample some African inspired cooking by Chris Burt of the Mytton & Mermaid or learn about biscuits from around the world with Holly Farrell. Slow Food Ludlow Marches is the largest local group in the UK outside of London.