WE are lucky to have the selfless, hard-working Mayor Tim Gill representing Ludlow, also the efforts of Cllr Andy Boddington.

But surely both are dead wrong to defend unauthorised graffiti regarding the telephone box in Market Square?

Seemingly, there is a witch-hunt to find the person who whited out this graffiti, but not the perpetrator of the original illegal. unauthorised attack.

To suggest the "whiter out" person has committed a criminal act but not the original perpetrator is a travesty.

Also to suggest this threatens freedom of expression is laughable.

Where does it stop? Perhaps a well-painted saint at the door of St Laurence's might be deemed acceptable?

Ludlow is a magnificently preserved part-medieval part-Georgian town and Historic England, I am sure, would not condone graffiti on Market Square or anywhere else in this historic town.

Tony Mahalski