A CHARITY has confirmed that handwritten leaflets calling for donations of food and household items were delivered by teenagers acting on its behalf.

Police were contacted by concerned residents this week after 'a group of 14 teenagers' knocked on doors in Kidderminster to collect donations for foodbanks and the homeless.

The two leaflets, which reported to be from the National Citizen Service, called for donations of toilet paper, deodorant, towels, books, clothing and canned food.

Broadwaters Drive resident Janet Mellings told The Shuttle: "The handwritten leaflets were put through doors in the Kidderminster area on Friday, but they didn't have any contact details or details of the charities.

"I phoned up Kidderminster Foodbank and was told they were not aware of these people so I reported it to police.

"A dozen teenagers turned up on Monday to collect the donations, but they didn't have any bags and couldn't tell me which charities the donations were for.

"It may be well-intentioned but these things need to be done properly."

A spokesman for Kidderminster Foodbank confirmed it was not aware of any collections taking place in the area.

But YMCA Worcestershire, a local delivery partner of the National Citizen Service, has since confirmed the teenagers were in fact NCS participants, and said food donations would be dropped off at Kidderminster Foodbank today.

YMCA communications and marketing officer Charlotte Steventon said: "As part of the third phase of National Citizen Service (NCS), participants develop plans for social action, reflecting on the needs of where they live and being inspired by what will truly help those around them.

“A group of young people taking part in NCS in Kidderminster chose to support Kidderminster food bank, a local charity that helps people in crisis.

“To inspire as many donations as possible the young people created and distributed leaflets to local residents. All food donations will be dropped off to the charity tomorrow to help them to continue their vital work in the community.

“National Citizen Service is delivered locally by YMCA Worcestershire and to date more countless volunteering hours and more than £50,000 has been donated to help local causes.”