A KIDDERMINSTER-born writer says he is elated after his first novel inspired by his own near death experience has been published.

Steve Davis, 62, who studied at Harry Cheshire High School in Kidderminster, sent his time-travelling love story 'The Door' to eight publishers and received five offers to print his debut book.

The romantic novel tells the story of Poppy Day, who discovers a powerful door which gives her the opportunity to relive her life, and avoid making some of her mistakes.

She travels back in time by ten years, meeting the love of her life Samuel Devere, then spends the next ten years trying to get back to 1995 together.

The book has been released by London publishers Austin Macauley. 

Steve says that the story is inspired by a near fatal event where he fell from a great height while cutting a tree when working in Lancashire in 2014.

He suffered life changing injuries including two brain haemorrhages, eight broken ribs, two punctured lungs and five breaks to my spinal column.

Steve was flown by Air Ambulance to Manchester Royal hospital for a ten hour operation to save his life and has now fully recovered.

The writer now lives in Bromsgrove with his wife and two daughters.

After leaving school, Steve trained as a carpenter and later worked in sales.

He has travelled all over the world and says this has been another main source of inspiration for his writing.

Steve says hew initially started jotting ideas for the story on his Ipad and it "grew from their" over a period of eight months.

He said: "I never thought I could write a book, but I started to build in confidence.

"Its a fabulous feeling to think all the scribbles I had done made it in print.

"I cried when I held the printed book in my hands."

The book is now available in WH Smiths, Waterstones and on Amazon. 

Steve says the novel is part of a trilogy and that he is currently working on the sequels.

He is also hopeful that someday the story will be adapted into a film, and suggested who he would like to play the main role of Poppy.

Steve added: "Kiera Knightly would make a great Poppy."

The novelist also shared some advice for writers aspiring to see their stories in print.

Steve added: "Don't think you can't do it. Put it together and send it off. You never know."