REGARDING Cliff Slade's Unique bridge (Opinion, July 25.)

I have made it a rule never to reply to Cliff's many letters. I am on this occasion breaking that rule.

As a very close indeed relative of Cliff, having held a clean driving licence for some 63 years, and hold a good report from the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

I feel I am well qualified to put forward one or two points on his suggestion to "directly divert old drivers into a holding area (I would define old drivers, from the age of 60 and above)". 

May I respectfully remind Cliff that next May (I know as I was there in 1960) he will reach the proud age of 60 years.

I am old, yet fingers crossed I will live to see Cliff on his scooter in the holding area.

Alternatively, I will give him a wave as I overtake him, flapping my angels wings in the air above his scooter lane while trying not to disturb his toupee! 

Ann Slade

Tenbury Wells