FOR the last 100 hundred years, I have been meaning to go to the Tenbury County Market held every Tuesday morning in the scout hut next to the swimming pool.

Last Tuesday, I managed to do just that.

What an amazing show of produce on offer – all home-made by traditional means in grannies’ mixing bowls or woven with knitting needles, croquet hooks and flowers nurtured in back-garden greenhouses and pots.

With lots of craft and jewellery also on view, my mind wondered to purchasing early Crimbo presents, but in the heat I soon clicked back into reality and honed in on the incredible choice of lovingly home-made food and purchased a cheese and onion flan and a Bakewell tart while everyone was busy supping tea and coffee being served up in the refectory seated area. 

Happy centenary, Tenbury County Market! What a lovely place and atmosphere with lovely people!

Cliff Slade

Tenbury Wells