I would like to welcome the Beryl Bikes initiative (HT, August 1) - a move to make our city centre more accessible and less car dependent.

However, is this to be linked to car parks? And must I have a smart phone?  A previous Park and Choose scheme I wanted to use in Rotherwas was simpler but vandalised before I could use it.

All schemes need monitoring and community input if they are to flourish. They have to be part of a long term plan with people willing to overcome objections and difficulties because the aims are widely seen to be beneficial. I believe there are groups and individuals who would like to help this happen. Your letters page shows this – the suggestion of a citizens’ assembly as suggested by Mr Phelps seems good to me. Could the example of BID joint initiative in the City centre be extended to public forums for the whole city?

Present arrangements are partial. Blue Badge holders, mobility scooter owners, all those waiting for knee or hip operations and those who have fallen, or fear it, all have differing needs. How can we discuss best use of space and resources?

I look forward to a time when I can join wheels and walkers to potter round our unique city. I want to mingle in a well regulated space that encourages all to enjoy our heritage and where our young will want to bring their children in the future.

Barbara Ferris, Dinedor