A HOMELESS man stole prescription drugs from behind the counter of a pharmacy on three occasions.

Robin Lunn, of St Pauls Hostel, Worcester appeared in court yesterday (Thursday August 15)

Shafquat Reaz, prosecuting said: "At 11:43 on June 28, the defendant went into Scales Pharmacy, he was seen on CCTV, he was seen to be loitering, it was there that he reached behind the counter and took two bags of prescription medication."

The court heard that he received his own prescription before leaving.

Mr Reaz continued: "On June 29, a similar pattern, the defendant approached the counter, reached over and took medication, concealed it in a bag, and left the pharmacy."

On July 1, Lunn returned to Scales Pharmacy in Worcester and for a third time stole medicine from behind the counter.

At Worcester Magistrates Court, Lunn also pleaded guilty to possession of a class C controlled substance.

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"The pharmacist said it was a controlled drug of class C" Mr Reaz said.

“He does have a record of previous convictions.”

Defending, Mark Lister said: "Prior to his attendance in court on July 25, he had no convictions since his conviction on May 15 last year when he had a custodial sentence."

Mr Lister said that Lunn also had convictions of shop thefts from Asda and WHSmiths.

"A proportion if not all the medication was returned to the pharmacy. It is surprising that the pharmacy couldn't say how much had been taken."

"He was interviewed and made full and frank admissions and pleaded guilty at the first opportunity. He was for a significant time, homeless, he is 56 and not in the best health. He is a resident at St Pauls Hostel, where he is getting help, support and accommodation."

Magistrate Anthony Fussey said: "We are pleased that you are getting support from St Pauls. We have looked at your record, and for each incident of theft there will be a six-week sentence, suspended for 12 months. For the drug possession, 6 weeks consecutive, suspended.”

Lunn also had to pay costs of £122.

Mr Fussey said: “Please take use of the help that is being offered to you and hopefully you will come through this.”