WHEN Karen Webster and Adrian Wilkes got married in June, they agreed that, instead of wedding gifts, they would ask for donations to Ludlow Cancer Support Group.

And, in August, at the Group’s Annual BBQ at Wigley’s Field Organic Allotments at Dinham, Karen and Adrian arrived with a cheque for £550.

Karen is a Senior Sister of Ophthalmology at Wye Valley NHS Trust, whilst Adrian volunteers as an ambulance car driver for Falck, a patients’ transport service provider in Shropshire.

“Both Adrian and I decided we wanted to donate to a local cancer group that was meaningful to us, and, as Adrian is a cancer survivor, we felt this was perfect,” said Karen.

“We couldn’t have raised this amount without the generosity of our wedding guests, and we thank them all.”

Ludlow Cancer Support Group meets on the second and fourth Fridays of each month, except August.

The Group offers a sociable, welcoming environment where friendships can develop, and experiences are shared.

Membership is free to anyone diagnosed with cancer, no matter when the diagnosis was made. Family and friends are always welcome, and a sandwich lunch, costing £2.50 may be ordered.

Statistics show that one in three people will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime and almost everyone will have had their lives touched by cancer either directly or indirectly.

Cancer can affect people of all ages including young children although it is more likely to affect people as a they get older.

Survival rates can vary hugely and will be dependent upon a range of factors including the type of cancer and if it is caught early.

Some people are cured whilst in many other cases the condition can be managed, and people can lead a relatively normal life for many years.

Ludlow cancer support group offers practical advice for suffers and their families as well as a chance to make new friends.