A McDONDALDS restaurant in Upper Gornal is the first in the UK to take on bleed control kits that can be used to save lives in the event of a stabbing.

The fast food restaurant on Kent Street now has a publicly accessible bleed control kit, thanks to ward councillor Kieran Casey teaming up with the Daniel Baird Foundation in a bid to save lives from stabbings and accidents.

It is hoped that the kits- which work to seal wounds in the event of a stabbing or accident- will be rolled out to the popular public places around the borough.

The Foundation was launched by Birmingham mum Lynne Baird whose son Daniel was stabbed to death after a night out in the city, aged 26.

She is working tirelessly to see bleed kits rolled out in the city centre, and by teaming up with the Upper Gornal councillors, Dudley is now the second authority in the West Midlands to introduce the kits.

Councillor Kieran Casey explained: "When I read about the work Lynne and the Foundation were doing, I wanted to make sure that I supported her campaign and looked at what could be done to get these kits in to as many organisations right across Dudley.

"The response I have received has been fantastic so far and a range of organisations have signed up to have these, from McDonalds in Upper Gornal where the campaign has been launched, the first McDonalds in the UK to have one of these kits I am told, the Black Country Museum, Loaves and Fishes in Dudley High Street and a whole range of other organisations that are looking to follow."

"We are all extremely grateful for all the help and support we have received so far, but I want to pay particular thanks to Bob Beckett, the owner of McDonalds in Upper Gornal for having one of these kits and for all the help and support he has given to our work in the community."

The kit will be used to control bleeding and seal any wounds while the patient is waiting for medical assistance, saving precious time before the patient gets to hospital.

Bob Beckett, franchisee of McDonalds Upper Gornal said: "I wanted to make sure that we supported this, firstly to give back to the community that has been so good to us and to improve safety for all.

“These kits are vitally important and can allow those in urgent need to be treated quickly and to stop bleeding whilst medical help arrives, so it may help to save someone’s life.”

The launch of the life-saving kit has been welcomed by police.

Ashley Bertie, the West Midlands Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner said: "The kits are relatively inexpensive and if they help just one person they will have proved a resounding success. Lynne’s efforts are to be admired and I’m delighted that these kits will now be available in Dudley."