EVESHAM Town Council has £15,500 available to distribute in small grants to local clubs, organisations and charities.

Local groups and organisations can submit applications to bid for some of this funding.

In the past the council has given grants to many local groups, these include:

Citizens Advise Bureau to assist them in their running costs in supporting and advising residents of Evesham.

Evesham Adventure Playground to help fund their ‘Family Wednesdays’ project

Evesham Arts Centre to help them purchase a new sound desk

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There is a broad qualifying criteria to apply for a grant and the council will consider paying for general running costs. However, there is a limited budget and last year applications totalled almost double the amount available so please bear this in mind when considering how much you want to apply for. It is common that an award is made but not the full amount requested. It may also be that despite meeting the criteria, no award is made at all.

There are unfortunately some things the Council won’t consider funding. Grants won’t be considered for the following:

Activities/projects taking place outside of Evesham unless there is a clear demonstrable benefit to Evesham residents

Activities/projects that have already taken place

Where the beneficiary is one person

One off events (speak to the office if you are looking for funding for an event)

An application form can be downloaded from below.

The deadline for applications to be received is noon on 26 August 2019. Completed applications that have provided all the requested information will be taken to the Finance Committee on 2nd September for consideration.

The committee will make a recommendation based on the information the application provides and also on a case by case basis, this means that even if your application meets the criteria there is no guarantee that it will receive funding.

If you require any further details, please contact the Town Council office on 01386 565700 or via email: council@eveshamtowncouncil.gov.uk