RAIL travellers in Ludlow and south Shropshire will be facing a further increase in fares.

Under increases that have been announced an annual season ticket between Ludlow and Hereford is set to rise from £2,280 to £2,344.

The overall increase across the country is just under three per cent.

It comes at a time when there has been an increase in train delays and many passengers still have to put up with overcrowded trains.

The railway system was split with privatisation in 1994 with train operators running the services, a separate company, Railtrack, now National Rail responsible for the track an infrastructure with leasing companies owning the rolling stock.

There has recently been a change of operator on the line that serves Ludlow.

There was some good news for young rail travellers with the introduction of a new 16-17-year-old rail card.

A range of other concessionary rail cards are available including student travel, a senior rail card and a disabled rail card that is also available to people who have a hearing aid.

Ludlow MP Philip Dunne is encouraging young travellers to take advantage of the new card.

The card costs £30 and a card holder is eligible for a 50 per cent discount on all rail travel including season tickets and peak time travel.

“This new railcard will offer significant savings to young people who travel by train, either to college or for fun,” said Philip Dunne.

“So, I commend the government for working with the rail industry to deliver this new discount for young people.

“I wrote to all relevant schools in the Ludlow Constituency when this railcard was announced last month, to ensure as many young people as possible know about the possible savings.

“The railcard is available at www.16-17saver.co.uk, and I hope will help save young South Shropshire rail travellers some money.”