AN historic building in Worcester has been given a new lease of life in a stunning restoration.

The Old Infirmary in Silver Street, which stood derelict and empty for decades, has been redeveloped and turned into luxury accommodation for visitors to the city.

The building, originally bought by Isaac Maddox and Dr John Wall in 1745 for £100, was opened as a voluntary hospital on January 11, 1746.

The infirmary was so popular they had to relocate to a new site on the south side of Castle Street, then known as Salt Lane in 1771.

In 2016, the site was purchased by Property Developer Khalid Hussain, who secured permission from Worcester Council to reconstruct it.

The building was being held up by scaffolding and a four-ton chimney had to be reset to prevent the building falling down.

Original walls have been preserved behind glass and protected from further deterioration and the initials of patients carved into the wood can be seen on a few of the interior walls.

Vaulted ceilings with exposed beams have been restored and the original timber and brick floors have been re-laid where possible and the original cast iron range in the kitchen has been turned into a fully functional hob and oven.

Outside the building is a plaque commemorating two workers who sadly died form cancer while re-building the site: Derek Sakol, who was 67 and Rui Fernandes Correia, who was 40.