COUNCILLOR Andy Roberts said noise sensors could be a solution to anti-social motorbike riding.

The Worcester News has reported on two bikes being seized by police after being ridden on a public footpath in Warndon.

And dangerous riding has also been reported on the A4440 and on fields as well.

Cllr Roberts, for county and city, said: “I’ve received quite a lot of complaints about motorbikes accessing land near to the motorway junction near to Junction 6.

“The main complaint is the amount of noise created and one rider can cause a nuisance to around 500 people.

“Speed cameras don’t work as riders slow down near the camera and then speed up when out of site.

“I know nationally there are noise cameras which tackle anti-social riding being looked at by councils.

"They work by taking a picture once the noise of a vehicle reaches a certain limit, triggering a camera flash and I would welcome this measure.

“On the bridal path crossing Trotshill Way a wooden fence was installed to prevent motorbikes accessing the field but that was damaged.

“Then a week after it was repaired it was damaged again costing time and money in repair bills.

“On the other side of the road where the bridal path continues, a metal 'kissing gate' was installed about a year ago but horses need to access the bridal path as well so at the side of this gate there are steps and the bikers just carry their bikes over the small steps."

To report incidents call 101, or email