SIR – Re the article of Councillor Richard Udall’s call for a game shooting ban (August 14).

Being a gamekeeper for some 50 years, his comments are a gross misinformation of the truth when he refers to pheasant and partridge shooting as outdated.

He obviously has no knowledge of how the rearing of pheasant and partridge occurs.

Pheasants are hatched in incubators, as you would do chickens.

The chicks are then reared under heat lamps etc, as you would do chickens.

At one month old approximately they are reared outside in the fresh air as you would do chickens.

At eight weeks old they are reared in a pen area with no top (measuring 70-80 yards in length and width) as you would do chickens.

From this point they are able to fly out at their own discretion.

Cllr Udall’s political view is an outright wrong interpretation of what game shooting is all about.

All my birds are subject to veterinary consultation to make sure they are 100 per cent disease free and fed on medicated food.

Cllr Udall needs to get his facts right.

CJ Salisbury, gamekeeper