A PLANNING application rejected because a cramped driveway would not have been wide enough to allow car doors to open could still be approved after an appeal was lodged with the government.

The two three-bed homes, which would have been built in a garden on the corner of Melrose Close and Comer Road in St John’s, were rejected because councillors felt the car parking spaces at the front were far too small despite it fitting within the county council's own highways standards.

Applicant Robert Bilingham has now lodged an appeal with the government's planning inspectorate because of 'non-determination' - meaning the council did not come to a decision within the eight-week deadline.

REJECTED: Worcester planners reject St John's homes because cramped driveway would stop car doors from opening

The original due date for a decision was June 26 but did not reach Worcester City Council's planning committee until almost a month later on July 25.

The appeal means the decision now moves out of the hands of the council's planning committee and into the hands of the government's planning inspectorate.

The council's planning committee also felt the new homes would be overdevelopment of the area, would badly affect on-road parking and would result in overlooking of the rear gardens of neighbouring homes.

According to the county council's own requirements, each three-bedroom home must have at least two car parking spaces and two cycle spaces.

The council's design guide states car parking spaces should be a minimum of 2.4 metres by 4.8 metres and at least 3.2 metres by 6 metres for car parking spaces as part of residential developments to allow for people to move around the car.

Worcestershire County Council’s highways department said it was “content” that two cars could fit on the drive and its size was within guidelines.

As part of the appeal process, the council's planning committee must confirm the reasons behind its objection to the plan and is expected to do so at a planning meeting on Thursday (August 22).

The appeal was lodged on August 5.