FRUSTRATED residents in Kidderminster are petitioning to make their "nightmare" street one-way to stop more vehicles from being damaged by passing cars.

More than 20 residents in Park Street have signed a petition to prevent further smashed wing mirrors, scrapes to parked cars and to ensure safety for road users.

Julie Meddows, who has lived on the street for 11 years, started the petition to make the street one-way and contacted Councillor Tracey Onslow to help with neighbours' concerns.

She said: "As residents, we are fed up of cars being damaged. It's quite a tight road. I've seen drivers arguing trying to get down the street.

"Residents have had to use Sellotape on wing mirrors because of the damage.

"It needs to be a one-way street. Something has got to change."

Julie also says she is worried for the safety of children when cars have been seen speeding down the road.

She added: "A child has only got to step out in the road in front of a parked car and I'd hate to think of the consequences."

Residents have also taken to Facebook to voice their concerns.

Ledbury Reporter:

One user said: "It's time they made these residential streets one way only as people swerve to avoid speed bumps.

"It would also be nice for residents to be able to park their own cars where they live. It's a nightmare trying to park outside or near to your own house."

Another said: "It's a nightmare driving up there because of the parked cars. Modern cars are wider and therefore more difficult to pass and nowhere to pull in to allow you to pass."

One resident suggested: "Park Street and Wood Street should be linked and then a one-way street would be better. Then parking for residents could be one side of the road."

Councillor Tracey Onslow said there is "no obvious solution" to the problem, and has contacted West Mercia Police to request a report on the recent incidents on the road.

"I was pleased to hear from residents on this issue and I want to do anything I can to help them," she said.

"There's more background work to do. Lets see if we can find the best way forward."

Cllr Onslow also stressed that residents should report road incidents to the police, and is calling for CCTV to be installed on the street.

Inspector David King said: "One of the forces main priorities are safer roads.

"It's clear the well being of any road user is something we take very seriously and this is something we are looking into.

"I have highlighted the issue to officers to collect information."

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council said: “The county council will investigate any such matters and respond fully in due course.”