A HEARTBROKEN Dudley animal lover has warned people to unplug their toasters from the wall, after his much-loved dalmatian died in a house fire caused by the appliance.

Kyle Turton tragically lost his dalmatian Polly after a fire broke out in his house in Newland Grove last weekend (August 17).

Polly and Percy, an Irish doodle, were rescued from the house by firefighters after crews were called to reports of a fire breaking out in the ground floor kitchen of Kyle's semi-detached property.

Ledbury Reporter:

A vet happened to be passing the scene and worked to resuscitate the pooches, but sadly 22-month-old Polly could not be saved.

The 33-year-old was out of the house at the time, delivering his cats to his new house in Netherton when he received the distressing news from a neighbour to say smoke was billowing out of his house.

Kyle said: "The fire fighters said it was caused by the cabling of the toaster, even though the toaster was turned off.

"Not many people seem to know this can cause fires."

Kyle is calling on people to remember to unplug their toaster from the wall in a bid to avoid a potentially deadly house fire.

He added: "It's been a shock. We keep looking back and saying it could have been a lot worse but it's still awful.

"I woke up with 20 animals, now I have 19."

Along with Percy, Kyle has five cats, seven guinea pigs, two rabbits, one degu and three chickens.

Ledbury Reporter:

West Midlands Fire Service took to social media after the blaze to warn of the potential fire hazard of toasters.

A spokesperson said: "Following a fire at a house in Dudley this evening, investigation attributed it to a toaster.

"It is important to remember all toasters should be kept clean and as a minimum switched off at the plug."