WORCESTER News readers have backed a petition to install a crossing outside a ‘dangerous’ tunnel.

An appeal was created by Worcester resident, Laura Ward, to install a pedestrian crossing in Midland Road, just before the tunnel leading to Newtown Road, in Worcester. So far 108 people have signed the petition.

I-cycle said: “This junction is just as dangerous for cyclists. Hopefully the County Council will take things seriously this time before a pedestrian, wheelchair, buggy user or cyclist is seriously injured or killed.”

Fig Bat Hob Nead said: “As a driver, yet alone these people who struggle to cross the road, this junction has got to be the worst in the whole of Worcester. Cars are coming from all angles, no roundabout separation, unclear markings, and to top it all off, diabolical traffic light timings and sequencing with upstream lights. This junction gridlocks every couple of minutes at peak times. Worcester Highways/Council are aware of this yet do nothing. Seems they just gave up with this particular junction.”


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Steven Dobbs said: “Well with all the road works around and in Worcester, just what would it cost to put in two dropped curbs? Probably not a lot. Get it done.”

Sonia Maria Kostrzewska said: “It’s a very dangerous crossing indeed.”

Hilary Burton said: “There should also be lights for traffic coming out of Midland Road turning right.”

Fi Probert said: “The lack of an adequate crossing makes it difficult and dangerous for people with push chairs and impossible for disabled people on powered wheelchairs or mobility scooters. Probably not something that you’d consider if able bodied or not a parent. It’s certainly not something I really appreciated before I had my kids other than the drivers that jump red lights on the tunnel or shoot through up midland road, but at the very least it needs a dropped kerb or even better a proper crossing.”

Carol Banks said: “A dropped kerb is definitely needed.”

Kirsty Bowley said: “You have to wait ages to cross, it’s not a safe way at all. You have to keep looking to see which way the cars are going underneath the tunnel, so a crossing would be needed there.”