A MUM has warned parents after she discovered a bag of needles hidden in a bush.

Droitwich resident, Jemma Parker, found the bag of needles on Tuesday (August 20) in a bush in Meadow Place, Droitwich.

Ms Parker claims it has been reported to environmental health.

The Facebook post on Spotted Droitwich said: “Can parents please warn their children not to pick up bags they see in bushes, as my children found a bag of needles where they were playing and in one of the needles it had stuff still in there.

“Thank God my children didn’t touch it, but some other child might not be so lucky. The bag was in a bush on the Westlands around the corner from the park.”

Numerous residents have commented on the post.

Kim Kemp said: “I’m still fuming about this. Our kids finding that and then having to explain about things they shouldn’t need to hear at their age.”

Anna Peters said: “It’s a damn shame that the police couldn’t do anything about this, as if they did and got them tested they probably could of found those disgusting drug abusers and put a stop to this. Or at least got the person(s) responsible for dumping medical waste irresponsibly.”


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Nathan Haste said: “This is shocking and disgusting. So close to where a lot of kids play.”

Ross Ethersee said: “Stop this madness.”

Sandra Blackmore said: “That’s disgusting.”

County councillor Richard Morris said: “In many places unfortunately there’s a drug issue. I know our police have been very strong on it and they’re working on ways to stop it in the area.

“If anyone saw anything, I urge them to contact the police. It’s something that we need to try to get to the bottom of.”

Sharon Casswell, client services manager at Wychavon District Council, said: “Our figures show that reports of crime and drug offences in Westlands have fallen over the past two years.

"As per Wychavon’s contract with waste and resource management company- FCC Environment- there is a daily litter picking presence in the area and reports of needles have not been a regular occurrence."

"Under normal circumstances, discarded needles and syringes will be collected within one hour. We ask residents not to touch or remove needles themselves but to report it to us via www.wychavon.gov.uk/disposal-of-needles-and-syringes.”