A TRADER has been told he can carry on selling ice cream in the city centre despite concerns he would congest an 'already complicated' High Street.

Cosmin-Nicolae Turlica was granted permission to sell ice cream and lemonade from his tricycle by Worcester City Council last week.

Stephen Connelly, who runs Bears Great Escapes and currently has three licences to sell ice cream in various locations around the city, objected as he was concerned another ice cream seller on the High Street would make trading even more complicated than it already was.

Mr Connelly said he did not completely object to Mr Turlica having a licence but urged the council to consider restricting it and excluding him from the High Street.

Mr and Mrs Bright, who run Piccadilly Whip which has a number of tricycles selling ice cream on the city's riverside, also objected saying too many licences had been handed out.

Mr Turlica argued his licence should not be restricted and he was entitled to the same opportunities as the rest of the ice cream sellers.

He said: "If he [Mr Connelly] has been granted to trade on the High Street for ten years, why shouldn't other traders get the opportunity to trade on the High Street?

Mr Turlica said it was not fair for Mr Connelly to judge whether the city had too many ice cream traders and said it was the "people's choice."

He said: "I think we should all have a fair chance.

"I just want to sell some ice cream. That's it."

Strict restrictions are in place for mobile traders throughout the city centre and they must not stay in a fixed sport for more than 15 minutes at a time.

Stewart Wright, representing Mr Connelly, asked if the High Street could be excluded from the area in which Mr Turlica would be allowed to trade.

Mr Connelly said: "The High Street is one of the most complicated trading areas in the city.

"It has exclusion zones where parts of it are not actually controlled by Worcester City Council.

"It's a difficult place to trade because as new premises open up and start selling ice cream, you must set up an exclusion zone around that particular area and work with the shop owners.

"We have built up ten years of experience of working with local traders. It is one of the most difficult places to trade."