THE future of the Upton Jazz Festival is in doubt after organisers said it might not be continued.

The festival, which has run for 34 years, may not happen again after the organisers said a lack of volunteers and rising costs were affecting its viability.

John Parsons, from the Festival, said: "The decision hinges on three things, venues in Upton who are willing to contribute to the costs, we will need funding from the Council and two or three committed individuals to take up roles for three to five years.

"If someone wanted to take it up we would encourage them and offer advice on that."

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Mr Parsons was addressing Upton Town Council at the full meeting on September 17 in relation to an announcement published by the Jazz Festival outlying the concerns of the managers.

In the press release, a spokesman for the Upton Jazz Festival said: "After 34 great years of the Upton Jazz Festival, questions are being asked about its future.

“They are similar questions to those being asked of other UK jazz events, which have enjoyed mixed fortunes in recent years.

“We are currently weighing up some very positive feedback from the 2019 festival, attendance was up on 2018 and, musically, it was incredibly successful.

“But costs are rising. Setting up marquees and staging and managing the diverse and quirky venues, for which Upton is justifiably renowned, is expensive.

“We now have to pay people to carry out vital jobs once done by volunteers. And our reserves will not withstand a drop in audience figures, which could easily result from bad weather in 2020.

“Our Best of Young Jazz team is standing down after 10 brilliant years. And to continue successfully, we need to recruit both a treasurer and a chairman.”

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The council agreed to start up and lead a group to begin the process of recruiting new people for the festival, as well as looking at ideas to secure the festival's future.

Mayor of Upton Henrietta Ross said: "The festival is very much part of Upton and it would be sensible for us to take the lead and see about getting the different groups in Upton involved.

"Potential volunteers are out there but they may not be aware of what they can do to help."