A YOUNG Kidderminster couple fear for their 15-month-old daughter's health as her bedroom is plagued with black mould.

Mother Stacey Longbottom, and partner Stuart Davies, of Dunlin Drive, moved into their ground floor flat in May 2018 and are now raising their daughter Ronni-Anne Davies.

But since moving in, the couple say they feel "fobbed off" with The Community Housing Group as mould has taken over several rooms in the flat, including their toddler's bedroom.

The 28-year-old betting shop worker says the mould continues to cling on to her daughter's ceiling, wardrobe, mattress and clothes despite her cleaning efforts.

Stacey said: "We feel fobbed off. We are worried we are going to get ill, especially Ronni-Anne.

"It's not nice. We don't want to put her in there, but we have no choice. I've had to throw her baby clothes away.

"What's the point of buying new things if it's going to happen again. Ronni-Anne's room is the worst for it."

Ledbury Reporter:

Father Stuart, aged 27, who works as a carpenter, also has two boys aged three and six from a previous relationship who regularly visit the flat.

He said: "It makes me feel anxious. It's not going to be good for their health.

"We don't want to live like this."

Stacey says there wasn't any signs of the mould when they moved in, but a previous tenant warned them about the problem.

She added: "I couldn't exchange knowing that someone else has to move into this.

"It annoys me that I'm paying rent for this."

A spokesperson for The Community Housing Group said: “We can confirm that, following an inspection by our surveyor, the cause of the black mould is condensation rather than water entering the property.

"We are working with Ms Longbottom to help her understand what causes condensation in the home.

"We appreciate that condensation is a common problem, and it can cause distress if left untreated.

"However, we will always support residents regarding the best way to prevent condensation in their home."