A GROUP has been set-up to improve biodiversity.

Paul Snookes, 64, from Warndon Villages, co-founded The VEG [Villages Environmental Group] with Alison Morgan to do something positive for his community.

He said: I set-up the group as I wanted to try and help people to understand more about nature as well as making the natural environment better.

“The Industrial Revolution has a part to play in divorcing people from their experience of nature as people left behind villages to work in towns and cities up and down the country, spending more time working that working on the land.

“We’ve lost much of our wildflower meadows since the Second World Two as well.

“We want to bring Aconbury Orchard back to a wildflower meadow as our next focus.

"Nick McGowen from Worcester City Council has been really supportive of our group."

Nick McGowan, trees and play supervisor at Worcester City Council, said: “Over the last six months the Worcester City Council conservation team has reinstated several areas of significant natural beauty around Warndon Villages with the invaluable help of The VEG.

“This partnership has vastly improved the general aesthetic of these areas, but also more importantly has increased their biodiversity too.

“We look forward to continuing this fantastic working relationship with The VEG to help maintain our conservation sites.”

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Cllr Andy Stafford, vice chair of Worcester City Council’s Environment Committee, said:“Wildflowers help to make Worcester look beautiful.

“However they are also important because they support bees and other insects which pollinate plants.

“Many of our favourite fruits, vegetables and nuts rely on insect pollination.”

Anyone interested in getting their fingers dirty can contact Paul Snookes by emailing: paulsnookes@gmail.com.